Book Review: "What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?"

The book looks very attractive with soft colors and a very friendly font.
The book has a large dimension which is making it important, but it is not thick and heavy.
It is very comfortable to handle, especially for grown people who are going to read it for younger people.
The paper has very good quality and the half glossy finish is just perfect. No mirroring.
The pages turn very well and at the end you quickly discover (The Secret...... :- )
After reading the content my observations are further:
The illustrations are nice, interesting and you have lots to see and wonder.
The pages in this way are giving you a positive attitude to discover it all.
After reading the story it is obvious that it is a very positive story and more important it has a
GREAT meaning. The message is in my view a fundamental message for "All People"  and in this way
directed to younger ones. The GREAT message is built up from different sub messages, from which there
are several essential messages.
These essential messages are (as I see it)
- that you have many different feelings
- that all feelings are OK
- that every feeling has a reason
- that you can make contact with all your feelings ("Every feeling has a door")
The text in the text-clouds are very simple and therefore readable by young kids.
I think that parents can make optimal use of the book by reading it to their children, page by page and
telling what they themselves think about the content on the page.
The text-clouds are leading you to subjects you can talk about. The very often repeated text-clouds, "Every
feeling has a reason. Every feeling has a door," in this way makes sure that the parent does not forget this
essential message. This makes the book a GREAT instrument for learning!

Fred Hirdes - Commercializing Innovations in Europe

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11/18/06 Saturday mourning, I had the immense privilege to be on the
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12/19/06 Children's World Learning Center
1/02/07 Las Vegas Day School
1/3/07 Hand Prints Learning Center
1/13/07 Borders Book Store in Goleta, California..... :-)
1/17/07 I was a guest on  you can click on Tuesday
to hear the interview with Lillian Cauldwell. I would love your feed back.....   :-)
1/24/07 Children's Choice Palace Station
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5/3/07 Trinity United
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5/10/07 Hickey Elementary "Career Day"
5/16/07 Trinity United Preschool
5/19/07 Streams In The Desert Book Store
5/21/07  5/22/07  5/23/07  5/24/07  Hickey Elementary Book Fair
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8/8/07 Elaine Wynn Elementary   

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9/21/07 Imagination Plus
!0/26/07 Keith Davis Radio KLAV 1230 AM
10/28/07 Mourning Show K V B C Channel 3 Las Vegas Nevada
10/31/07 Article in the View
11/1/07 The Amie Jo Radio Show Klav 1230 AM
11/2/07 Article in the Las Vegas Review Journal
11/3/07 Targets Las Vegas Children's Book Festival
11/5/07 Article in Around The Clock in Las Vegas
11/7/07 Durango YMCA                         
11/17/07 Book Signing Holiday Shopping Expo at the Durango YMCA                         
Click Here To Read Article By Colleen O' Callaghan -  Miele in the "VIEWPOINT"
Thank You So Much Colleen :- )
11/30/07 Book Pals - Myrtle Tate Elementary
11/30/07 Turnberry Place at The Stirling Club - Media Party
12/1/07 Interview with Herb Perry - CBS Radio
12/8/07 Book Signing at Charity Event at The Findlay Cadillac and Sabb dealership for Care for Kidzs. Elmo will
be there as well as Ronald Mc Donald:-)
12/9/07 The Black Music Association And Friends Present
"WISH UPON A STAR"  A Holiday Musical
( I will be singing and my book is being used as part of the script  :- )
Come out and see the BEAUTIFUL LIVING STARS (all of the children playing in the show) and support a very
worthwhile cause  :- )  The "SCINTA'S" are performing along with many headliners off the strip! I am going to be
the GOLDEN ANGEL OF LOVE AND HARMONY singing a old Disney classic "When You Wish Upon A Star" Frank
Scinta, will  accompany me. What a kind and gracious man :-) All the kids will receive presents after the show
along with a signed book from me :- ) Proving all of their DREAMS CAN COME TRUE when they "WISH UPON A
STAR" :- )
$25.00 per person     call  #702- 979-4139
West Las Vegas Theater 951 West Lake Mead
December 9th   Reception 5:00pm Show 6:00pm
Tshlene Henreid & I producer and director of "Wish Upon A Star" sharing the moment at
*CBS RADIO*  after my interview with Herb Perry December 1, 2007 :-)
12/15/07 book signing at opening of a new shopping center and the opening of a new Cold Stone Creamery in
North Las Vegas
Winder Farms will be attending giving out free samples as well as the great Music from VEGAS CITY DJs. Lots of
free Ice cream and free sample from other stores in the area "Port of Subs", "Jamba Juice" and "Star Bucks."
There will also so be face painting and games for the kids :- )
12/18/07 Book reading for the children at University of Nevada School of Medicine. I will be donating books to the
children at this event :- ) Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause will be giving out presents and pictures will be taken of the
children :- )
"Channel 8" will be there along with Santa's helpers, Steve  & Stephanie from "COX Communications",
"Target", "Square Color  Salon+Spa", and Raenel
the creator of this wonderful event :- )

Review with children's author "Suzanne Lieurance" Thank You Suzanne :- )

1/408 Media Party at the opening of the 444 Club in the Venetian Hotel
1/8/08 Charity event at the Mandalay Bay hotel for "Exploited and Missing Children". I will be attending and
donating several books for the silent auction. WE all need to support this Foundation & help to bring these loved
and missing children home.
I met many wonderful and giving people at the event including, very talented
Blair Underwood ( He stars in the wonderful and very entertaining TV series, "The New Adventures of Old
Christine") ordered for his children a signed copy of my book !!!!!!! What a Kind and Generous person he is. It is
nice when you meet someone famous and their heart and their priorities are in the right place. Thank you Blair
so much  :- ) &Thank You Bobbie Katz, My Dear Friend :- )

1/10/08 Mystery Reader at Kids Co-op
1/16/08 Media Party "A Tribute to Ethel Merman" at the Sun Coast
1/18/08 order for more books for the Clark County District Public Libraries  THANK YOU SO MUCH :- )  
1/21/08 Media Party and Dinner at the main show room in the Hilton Hotel this wonderful show was for one night
only to celebrate the Chinese NEW YEAR by "The Divine Performing Arts "  This is an amazing and very
inspirational show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Bobbie :- )
1/22/08 Kids Co-op
1/24/08 Opening Night for the New Show at Harrahs, "Hats" Great Show!!!!! I loved It. Thank You Bobbie :- )

1/31/08 KVVU Channel 5 Morning Show "MORE at 9:15 Thank You My Wonderful
Friends, Sean, Bruce and Lee :- )
2/1/08 & 2/2/08 at the "HAPPY PAWS AND PET EXPO LAS VEGAS"
Cashman Center
850 Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas Nevada,89101
For information Call 702-979-8815
I will be reading my book at the
"Happy Tails Reading Tent" and doing a book signing after every reading :_- ) Come out with your entire family
and support all of our 4 legged friends :- )
2/9/08 Book signing 4:00pm at the "Cheesecake and Crime" Book Store A GREAT PLACE for reading a good
mystery and enjoying a great slice of the best cheese cake you have ever tasted :- )
They are located at,
10545 South Eastern Ave. Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052
phone #702-629-5523 SEE YOU THERE!!!!
2/13/06 "Mama Mias" Fifth Anniversary Show and Media Party. What a wonderful show! I love ABBA'S music!
All the singers and dancers are very talented!! I would definitely go see it again!
2/14/08 Today I got my book into Baker and Taylor YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! Now my book will be available in the retail
stores! I am thankful and full of JOY :- ) Thank you Leslie and Robin :- )
2/20/08 Academy For Learning
2/22/08 Saint Ann's Pre-K
2/23/08 Charity event "Monopoly Tournament" to raise funding for Foster Kids "Wednesday Child" Come and
support this worthy cause. Every child deserves a loving and safe place to be :- )
FOUR SEASONS upstairs in the ball room starts at 6:00pm  Dinner is $250.00 per person....
2/24/08 Donating books to the "Arthritis Foundation at the Oscars"
2/25/05 Elaine Wynn's Elementary - Nevada Reading Week
3/11/08 I will be doing a book signing at the SIN - CITY DOXIES "GREENEY WEENEY MARCH MADNESS EVENT"
10575 South Eastern Ave. Suite #190
For information call- 702-735-DOGS (3647) This event is to help to support the Nevada SPCA :- ) They need cat
and dog food, toys, blankets, collars, leashes, everything you can think of to help with the care of our wonderful
4 legged friends.
3/15/08  BORDERS IN HENDERSON Saturday March 15, 2008
from 1:00pm till 3:00pm
1445 West Sunset Road
Las Vegas, Nevada
3/22/08 "Positively Kids" Invites you to attend their annual "Easter Eggathon" at the
Renaissance Hotel
3400 Paradise Road (Paradise and Desert Inn)
10:00AM to 12:00PM
Call Carol 784-5130 or 262-0037 (I will be there reading my book ;- )
3/24/08 Movie Premier With Judy Thorburn
3/26/08 Sammy's Pizza Decatur and Sahara 6500 W. Sahara 12:00pm
3/28/08 Show at the Hilton and media party with Bobbie Katz"Terry Fator" What a Wonderful and Talented and
Gracious Person!
In the near future Cable Channel 63 "Azteca America Show"
In the near future a featured article in the "Review Journal".
4/4/08 Grand Opening of A NEW  BORDERS at TOWN CENTER
4/5/08 The Big Read  Event Hosted by the Clark County District Libraries
between the hours of 11:00am and 4:00pm
Air Times and dates I will be on "CBS RADIO" 4/06/08 94.1 FM 6:00 am, 4/06/08 Jack 100.5FM 6:00am
4/7/08 Movie Premier with Judy Thorburn "Smart People"
4/26/08--4/27/08  Book Signing at the "LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS".

4/27/08 KLUC 98.1 FM 6:00am, 4/27/08 KXTE 107.5 FM 6:00am & 7:00am Thank You Herb :- )
4/14/08 Green Valley Montessouri Learning Center Book Festival
10:00 am
6940 Edna
4/15/08 Meeting with the The chancellor's Round Table & the
"GREAT WHITE HOPE" Patricia Martinelli Price president of the
"Pulidor Foundation Spirit Of The Nations"  :- )
4/17/08"Stephen's Press & Henderson Writers Group Presents"
Las Vegas Writers Conference at Sam's Town in the Ponderosa Room
4/28/08 Interview for "MOXIE" article for "Las Vegas Woman Magazine"
with Erin Monday @ 10:00 AM
4/30/08 Photo taken for "MOXIE" article in Las Vegas Woman Magazine"
Wednesday 3:00 PM Photoworks 3271 South Highland
5/3/08 3:00pm Book reading at the Rescue Mission Shelter of Hope
Gretchen Johnson - 382-1766
480 West Bonanza
Funded through the"Pulidor Foundation Spirit Of The Nations" :- ) Thank You Patricia :- )
5/5/08 I signed a book for Bill Medley's of the "Righteous Brothers" grand children. I met his beautiful daughter
in- law and his very talented son Darren, a long with the members of "Paul Revere and the Raiders."  
Thank you Bobbie My Friend:- )
I was also able to sign a book for Englebert Humperdinck's, new grand child and his nephew.  I am honored and
so grateful :- )
5/10/08 JW Marriott in Summerlin 221 Rampart Blvd. Book Reading and raffle for "Child Focus" Mother's  Day
Tea in the Valencia Ballroom 12:00PM to 2:00PM
Kim 436-1624
5/14/08 Wednesday, Book signing Creative Kids 2320 Wigwam Ave. 617-8131
Theresa & Kira
5/15/08 Thursday, Creative Kids 501 Harris St. 565-0007 Penny
5/17/08 I am honored to have been invited to do a Book Signing at the annual "MIX KIDS" hosted by CBS station
MIX 94.1FM at SUNSET PARK, In Las Vegas
May 17th 2008 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
There will be many wonderful and fun filled attractions including a  band from Disney, characters from
Nickleodeon, carnival rides and concessions stands & HARMONY SOUP :- ) I will be reading my book and holding
a drawing for a
a very nice brand new unique bike.
To find out more about this fantastic event, visit their website @
Come Join us for the fun : - )
Thank you Everyone at CBS RADIO station MIX 94.1 FM :- )
5/18/08 Nathan's Birthday Party 5335 Regal Ave
5/30/08 meeting with Diana At Integrity Chrysler 11:00 AM
6/3/08 Meeting with Christine
at Faftum 2590 Lindell # 400 on the left side of door # 274 - 6670

My Friends, I am taking off some time to edit my movie script :- )

of the Golden Mirror) COPYRIGHT 2006

Diamond Club Meeting "Stirling Club"
6/15/08 William Beckley Elementary School
6/19/08 Bobbie Katz
6/20/08 10:00 am Apple Bees
6/20/08 Open House for Positively Kids
6/21/08 Book Signing at "Scandals Beauty Salon & Spa" 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
6/22/08 Bobbie Katz
6/23/08 Sent my book to the President of the Dolly Parton Foundation. He is giving my book directly to Dolly :- )
Dolly is such a beautiful and gifted person.
6/29/08  Networking Party 4:00 to ?
Meeting with Diana Meeting with "Birthday Wishes"
7/1/08 Las Vegas Woman Magazine charity event for "Child Focus"
7/3/08 Bobbie Katz
7/9/08 to 7/22/08 Book Signing at the Teachers Convention at the RIVERA with ILLUMINATION ARTS PUBLISHING
Book signing TEXAS "SPLASH"

I was one of the featured authors at the Target's Children's Book Festival. CLICK HERE to read the article in
"About The Town"& "Around The Clock" by Jacqueline Monahan
Thank you very much Jacqueline :- )
Article in the Nothern Aliante "VIEW"
CLICK HERE to read the article http//
Kathy Ireland contacted me  through TWITTER and ask me to send a book to her for her children
What a lovely sweet woman she is...Thank you Kathy..:-)

Pre Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suite at the Hollywood Vine Towers March 5th and 6th..2010

LOVELY PEOPLE!..:-)    <CLICK HERE> TO VIEW PICTURES OF My Forever After Celebrity Friends Who I Had the
GREAT JOY of Signing My Book To... THANK YOU... YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!  CARLA...:-)  
Thank You Vanessa Florez and Rande Scott... for giving me this opportunity to support such a Great Cause:-)

Pictures Taken by "Debbie Major Photography" GREAT PICTURES DEBBIE!

Picture taken below by Alan Gough  Thank you Allan!

I have met on my book's journey so
many loving and aware parents,
teachers, counselors and therapists,
that are dedicated in helping to insure
that the children in their care grow up
to me whole and healthy people.
I love you all & the children too!
Carla :- )
A picture of me  doing my
first book signing at a
What a wonderful
moment to meet
Henry again,"The
nicest man in
Hollywood" :- )
He remembered
me and said, "I
have your book at
:- )
my friend Irwin
Zuker and I at the
festival during my
book signing. Irwin
is the president
and the founder of

"I love reading to children, and seeing their faces light up as I read my book to them.
Every time I hear their voices ring out,  " Every feeling has a reason. Every feeling has a door!"
I am filled with joy all the way down to my toes!"   Carla   
 : - )
to arrange for me to visit your school
"Carla your book is amazing!!!
I love the heart shaped mirror in the
Thank you, much love,
Georgiana Jianu
My Dear, Now and Forever-After
Friend Herb Perry at *CBS
Thank you Herb...:-)
Copyright 2006