My name is Carla, and what I love to do is to sing, write music, and write children's books.  My great joys in life is to perform and use my imagination to create stories for
children as well as adults to enjoy and cherish for generations to come. I write stories that are universal in nature. I write about things that we all have in common such as
our feelings and emotions and our need for kindness and to know we are loved.

My first child from my creativity "What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow?" (The Secret of the Golden Mirror) helps everyone to know and understand what their feelings
and emotions are for. What is their reason and purpose for being? Where do they come from?

Mr. Positively the Rainbow Cloud and his feelings and emotions, LOVE, ANGER, LAUGHTER, FEAR, SHY, FRIENDSHIP, SAD, and JOY can help to answer those
questions. They want to teach and help everyone to understand by following the colors of the rainbow that every feeling and emotion we share are meant to be expressed in a
positive and loving way.

Mr. Positively the Rainbow Cloud's
literal emotions and feelings are shown as beautiful , colorful doors with faces.  My intent by breathing life into these wonderful doors,
was to make feelings visible, so they would become more tangible. My thoughts were If we could imagine our emotions as being alive, breathing, entities, maybe we could
learn to have a better relationship with that intangible part of our selves, which are our feelings and emotions. After all we all cry and laugh in the same language and feel
from the same place, don't we? Our feelings and emotions create an inner map that we can follow. So through learning how to stop and reason before we act, we will see by
expressing our feelings and emotions in a kind and loving way, it is possible for us to create and have a more peaceful and balanced inner world.

What is The Secret of the Golden Mirror? Well what do you think is on the other side of the rainbow? We all know it is a Pot of Gold....

Years ago, a man who studied the planets and the stars told me one day he had a message for me. This message was that I was a "Golden Mirror". I ask him what that meant
and he replied. Quote: "Carla, there are 3 different kinds of mirrors in the world. There are the "Black Mirrors" that only reflect hate, fear and Greed. There are the "Silver
Mirrors" who are only concerned with their own vanity. Then there are the "Golden Mirrors" and these people are the reflection of the Great potential that is within every
heart and soul; and Carla you Are a Golden Mirror." I knew at that moment what was going to be on the other side of the rainbow. It had to be a Golden Mirror. A golden
reflection that everyone could look into to remind them that they are the "Pot of Gold", They are the value. They are the Wonderful "Secret of the Golden Mirror".

With a Grateful Heart,
Carla :- )

Mr. Positively says,
" Love and Kindness is the key.
You can take it from me,
Mr. Positively."

"My forever after friends,
I want to thank you all personally
from the bottom of my heart for your continued
love and support of my work.

My friends, I have great news, recently my book
was purchased and accepted
by all 24 Clark County District Libraries!
Dreams do come true!
I promise to keep you posted... : - )

With Golden Thoughts of Love and Gratitude      

Carla Masterson


Carla was born to sing and to write.

At a very young age she was asked to perform on stage with her mother and brother during church services. Since then her career as a singer has grown and branched out in
different directions. Carla has been a head liner performing her own music before thousands and has been back up for great artists such as Barry Manilow and Paul Anka.
She also has recorded and still enjoys performing with native American flutes.

Carla started to write poetry when she was very young. She had the natural rhythm and talent for making words rhyme. It was as easy to her as breathing as well as writing
music and lyrics. So, when she was asked by Melanie Taylor Kent to write a children's book, all of Carla's talent came to focus. She went to work right away and wrote her
first book "What's On The other Side Of The Rainbow?" Now Carla was committed for life and she knew in her heart she would do what ever it took to make her book a

So, what to do first. She took her idea to the ABA convention. While there she rec
eived 250 orders from book stores and libraries from all over the world.

Carla was Grateful!

Next she mailed her manuscript to the larger and smaller publishers and even though they would respond in 3 weeks time, the answer was not now.

Carla however, was not about to quit or give up. So she continued her singing, life education, writing more books 13 all together and pursuing her dream of being a
published author.

It took many years to accomplish however in FEBUARY OF 2006 Carla's dream would become a reality!!!!

Now she is over joyed with her life reading to children and watching their faces light up with intelligence and Love.

To Date Carla has done over 300 book signings. She has been interviewed for TV, Radio, Magazines, and she
has been involved with helping Non-profits whose causes benefit children and animals. Her book.
"What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow? (The Secret of the Golden Mirror)TM
has been given to top nominees, for the OSCARS, EMMY'S, TEEN CHOICE AWARDS, CMA AWARDS,
THE GOLDEN GLOBES, and to Celebrity Mothers to be.

Both of her published works "What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow? (The Secret of the Golden Mirror)TM
And "The Dream Puppy"have been given to the young prince and princess of Wales.

Carla has also written and completed copyrighted in 2010 her first movie script based off of her first
2006 published book"What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow? (The Secret of the Golden Mirror)

I LOVE MY LIFE and I Love What I Do! With a Grateful Heart ...Carla


In 1999 Carla recorded a CD with the wonderful pianist Randall Leonard titled;
"Pastrorale for the Winged Ones".

"Carla's greatest wish is that some day all violence
will end with one great big "HUSH."
"Humanity Universally Singing Harmony"

"Here's to a seed I know can grow."

With a Grateful Heart,

"You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul"  -George Bernard Shaw, and this Carla is what you
and your book has done, helping many to see and embrace their true reflection.
Jeane Michelle,
"Your Spirit Sister"
"The Dream Puppy" TM
Wonders of Nature
Great Singer and My
Friend, Elisa Fiorillo -

Meet My Friend and Yours
LAUGHTER.. :-) " Hi I'm Laughter."
"My name is FEAR and I
need to know I am safe
and loved."
"Hello, My Name is SAD
and I need A HUG."
"My name is ANGER and you
need to watch out when your not
being fair, I get ANGERY!"
"Hi, my name is LOVE and

"You Are The WONDERFUL And
"Hi, my name is JOY!
Let's Sing in Harmony
"Hi, we are twins and both our
names are FRIENDSHIP.
Will you be our friend?"
"It's OK for you to Cry. Trust me I'm your friend
and I know. In Life always remember, it takes
the rain to help the flowers grow."
Copyright 2006
Carla Masterson
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Carla Masterson
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Carla Masterson
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Carla Masterson
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Carla Masterson
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Carla Masterson
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Carla Masterson
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Carla Masterson
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